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A quiet gem in the Mediterranean

Menorca stands out as the most untouched island within the Balearic archipelago. It’s a destination for nature lovers and people in search of tranquility. It’s a perfect place for both families as well as independent travelers.

Menorca has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Balearics, with the specialty that a lot of them are only reachable on foot or by boat. Many of Menorca’s beaches are still in their natural state and offer no services at all – which means that your typical day on a beach includes hiking there and bringing food and drinks with you.

For hiking lovers, Menorca’s main attraction is its long-distance hiking trail, the GR223, also called Camí de Cavalls, which circumambulates the entire island along its coastline and also passes through the beautiful Parque Natural de la Albufera del Grau.

The two main towns of Menorca are the utterly picturesque Ciutadella on the west coast and the historically very interesting Maó (Mahón) on the easternmost point of the island with one of the Mediterranean’s largest natural ports.

Menorca’s tourist season gets going in May and ends in October. In peak summer, Menorca does get very busy, but outside the main months it’s never too full anywhere. And during the winter, Menorca is as quiet as it gets.