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Ibiza is the island on which our personal Balearic love story started, and because of that, it'll probably always be our favourite island of the entire archipelago.

The mix between the loud and the silent, the ultra-modern and the traditional, the brash and the rural, the dazzling and the humble … It is exactly this yin and yang of extremes that makes Ibiza so special. Add to that an absolutely unique mix of folk that visit the island and you’ve got the ingredients to something, a vibe, simply not found anywhere else in the world.

Ibiza is of course famous for its nightlife – and it is indeed among the best worldwide. But Ibiza offers MUCH more than just the clubs. Once you leave the resorts and head out into nature, once you start to discover the tranquil side of Ibiza, once you start visiting all those secret spots with us, you’ll understand. And this is part of its magic. Due to Ibiza’s small size and short distances, you easily get to experience all of these different bits in one visit. But be warned, if you’re coming for the first time, be prepared, because you will wanna come back…

What outdoor adventures are we offering on Ibiza? First and foremost, Ibiza has a lot of absolutely stunning hiking options. We’ve got about 50 different routes all across the island, from very easy and gentle walks for everyone, over to more sporty hikes and up to challenging routes with scrambling and ropes included – we’ve got all bases covered. No matter if you’re keen on a relaxing sunset hike to get the very best views of our iconic islet Es Vedrá, a wonderful sunrise hike to some deserted secret beach, an adventurous expedition to the famous Cave of Light or an exhilarating hike-swim-cliff jumping tour, we cater for all demands. Just get in touch and let’s create your personal adventure plan.

Apart from hikes, On Ibiza we also offer e-bike tours and SUP (paddleboarding) trips – both are great alternatives to hikes, especially during the hot summer months. Imagine enjoying the sunset out on the mediterranean on your paddleboard and only with your nearest and dearest around you! Ibiza’s tourist summer season starts in April and ends in October, but Ibiza is beautiful all year around. In fact, a lot of Ibiza lovers nowadays prefer the quiet winter months. And especially if you’re a nature and outdoor person, you’ll love the Ibicenco winter. We’re available all year round!